The 5th International Conference on Thermal Process Modelling and Computer Simulation (ICTPMCS) will be held from 08th to 12th September 2020 in Cavtat, Croatia.

Official language of the Conference is English.

The first conference in the series was held in Shanghai (China) 2000, second in Nancy (France) 2003, third in Budapest (Hungary) 2006 and fourth in Shanghai (China) 2010.

Due to increasingly powerful computers and advanced mathematical tools, scientists and engineers can now guide advanced materials/processes development perform on simulation. The conference will be mainly concerned with the modelling and simulation of different heat treatment and surface engineering processes like as quenching, tempering, high density heat treatment (e.g. induction, LASER, electron beam), thermochemical treatment (carburising, carbonitriding, nitro carburising), coatings (Chemical vapour Deposition CVD or plasma assisted CVD, Physical Vapour Deposition PVD). The focus is on metallic alloys, but contributions of other materials (polymers, ceramics, composites) are also of interest to this conference. The aim of the conference is to bring together specialists in modelling and numerical simulations in material science to discuss the state of the art from both theoretical and practical viewpoints.